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The Young Group

After successful completion of their second semester of study in the Education Center or Campus, students have the opportunity to take their studies to the next level, through real-time instructor mentorship and their very own kabbalistic “focus group”, called a “ten”.

Call it a greenhouse for spiritual advancement, or a lab for making those kabbalistic theories come true – but for kabbalists throughout generations, the ten was considered the indispensable key to spiritual realization.

What to expect from participating in

The Young Group?

In the Young Group, students gain access to an HD virtual platform for dynamic interactions among tens and instructors – learning ‘hands-on’ the unique principles of the work of a ten which was put into writing for the first time by the great 20th century kabbalist, RABASH.

Most of all, students become part of a nurturing and purposeful environment which facilitates a connection with their peers, offers the opportunity to voice their questions, receive live instructor feedback, and gain fundamental insights into the kabbalist lifestyle.

Young Group Registration

Young Group campuses are currently available in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando & San Francisco

For students who don’t live near a campus location, the Virtual Young Group is available.

Even though physical connection and participation in a campus environment is considered ideal for a student’s advancement, Virtual Young Group students gain access to an HD virtual platform which allows for dynamic interaction among their tens group and their instructors.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Young Group!