The First Semester course introduces students to the Fundamentals of Kabbalah using key Kabbalistic articles to lay the foundation of key concepts in Kabbalah. It describes the method to rise from our world to spirituality. Kabbalah is a very practical study – why do we act the way we do? Why is the world experiencing so many crises today? As the course progresses, you are led into a very personal journey of discovery as you examine your response to the writings of the greatest Kabbalists of our time.

Class Schedule: 10 weeks, once a week. Each lesson is 2 hours long

Authentic Kabbalah

“B” Semester

Queens, NY – Begins January 25, 2016  7:30pm

Bnei Baruch Educational Center
98-80 Queens Blvd, Suite LL2
Rego Park,  NY 11374
(516) 597-0898


Kabbalah for the Student

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  • Lesson 1 – The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah
  • Lesson 2 – The Spiritual Perception of Reality

  •  Lesson 3 – The importance of Kabbalah books with an  emphasis on the Reforming Light

  • Lesson 4 – From the love of others to the love of the Creator

  • Lesson 5 – The Environment and Free Will

  • Lesson 6 – General rehearsal and the Kabalistic meal

  • Lesson 7 – The soul of Adam and the shattering of the soul

  • Lesson 8 – There is none else besides Him

  • Lesson 9 – Fundamentals of the Methodology

  • Lesson 10 – Summation and Spiritual meal.

“The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Intermediate course answered my deepest questions, revealed the laws of love and of nature to me, provided me with a wonderful tool to educate my children with, and significantly improved my relationships with my loved ones.”


Rachel, Springfield, Illinois

“The Bnei Baruch Intermediate course is an amazing program that provided me with precise, clear and well organized information through a curriculum that guided me step by step to a whole new vision of the world and myself.”

Mari - Albuquerque, New Mexico